Pumps and Filters
Oberst Ponds and Lighting has pumps and filters for all types and sizes of ponds. 

Our pumps start from 20 GPH (gallons per hour)for your small fountain up to 10,000 GPH for your large Koi pond. All the pumps that we sell are mag drive pumps and have no oil that can leak into your ponds. They come in a variety in shapes and sizes so we can match your needs, and they are warranted  here in store.

Our filters are out of the water pressurized filters. This allows for east acess to clean and you wont lose any water pressure from your pump as the filters cleans the water. The filters can be buried in the ground to hide them better. They can be attached either with barb or glue on fittings making them compatable with almost any system. The filter is easily cleaned with the use of a crank mechanism on the top of the filter that backwashes the dirty water out.