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Oberst Landscaping has been lighting up landscapes since 1988.  With outdoor lighting you can extend the time you enjoy your landscape and out door spaces.  Water features, statues, specimen plants and the outside of your home are the obvious choices to light as well as pathways.  When you light up your special features in your landscape you need to make sure you see what is lit and not the fixture itself, in other words no glare.  When choosing outdoor lighting make sure you check what material is used, many fixtures will not last in the Florida environment.  We alays  use LED bulbs instead of halogen bulbs. On average the LED bulbs last ten times longer and the cost to run them is ten times less then halogen bulbs. Many returning customers are coming to us to switch their halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. Our fixtures are also proven to last in FLorida. Without you having to woory about replacing them every couple of years. Color lighting is now a great way to accent your home at night. Our system using color change bulbs come with a remote letting you control which color the light is which can be anything from a nice soft white to any color in the rainbow. You can also have the lights chang colors and can pick how quickly they do so you can even adjust the brightnes of the bulb. THese lights work great for holiday lighting also since they would let you keep the lights white most of the year if you wanted and only use the colors for special occasions like Christmas.  Below are many examples of what can be done.

We gave lighting seminars since 1990. We have been on WCEU "live" call in garden show twice for outdoor lighting.

Every lighting job is different based on your landscape and what you want to light up,  Call us and let us show you the many ways to light up your landscape; or come by the nursery and see our beautiful display of path lights and other fixtures.

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