Pondless water features
Pondless water features are a low maintance solution if you have been wanting a water feature without all the hassleĀ and maintance of a pond. Without having to have just a boring old tierd fountain. With apondless feature there is no filter to clean or fish to have to worry about. Since the water is below ground and dosent get any sunlight you dont have to worry about algae. They can be built to any size and the possiblities of what you can do are mindnumbnig. Wheter it is a waterfall, stream, bubling rock, pot, or nozzel you can do them all. Our pondless features are made so that you can walk over them without having to worry about a child or animal falling in. Feel free to call or email with questions. Or come on in and see the several diffrent pondless water features we have running here at the nursery.

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